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Since 2019, long con magazine has provided a space for thinking about art—its past, present, and future—as one long, troubled, and beautiful conversation.

While lovingly publishing ‘art about art’ on a quarterly basis, we also strive to shift the model for online art & literary magazines. We think that they should be free to read, that they must compensate all contributors, and that they can be viably audience-supported.

Throughout the year, we generate revenue to pay long con‘s contributors by running long con workshops and by selling chapbooks through Collusion Books. To date, we have sent almost $5500 in compensation to 66 artists (43 magazine contributors, 4 workshop instructors, and 19 chapbook authors). Thank you if you have donated, attended a workshop, or purchased a chapbook! We know it’s a cliche, but your support truly means so much.

Each summer, we also run a fundraiser, asking our audience for more direct help. This August, we hope to raise up to $3250, enough to compensate all not-yet-paid contributors from long con magazine issues 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

50/50 Fundraiser

Half of all donations to our 50/50 Fundraiser will go to paying long con contributors. One lucky donor, drawn on September 1 September 4, will decide which charitable cause receives the other 50% of donations. To increase your chances to win (that warm feeling of supporting TWO worthy causes), simply donate more!

$5 donation
1 ticket to win

$10 donation
5 tickets to win

$20 donation
25 tickets to win

$50 donation
100 tickets to win

$100 donation
400 tickets to win

Looking for other ways to support us?

Donate the old-fashioned way, directly to the long con Contributor Fund. Take advantage of the sales offered on all Collusion Books chapbooks throughout the month of August until September 3.