Based in Kjipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki (Halifax, Nova Scotia), Collusion Books publishes print & digital chapbooks of collaborative poetry & cross-art collaborations with poetic elements.

Collusion’s revenue & donations defray print costs, support poet & artist compensation, and assist the long con Contributor Fund.

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Four of Collusion’s first ten print titles were shortlisted for the bpNichol Chapbook Award—a testament, we think, to the dynamism and wonderment of collaborative art.

Learn more about Collusion through our TIFOA Small Press Map profile, Arc Poetry interview (2021), or Ampersand Review interview (2023).


Recto, Verso,
Chez the Devil’s Printers

a descent into the 10th circle of palindromic hell

by Joshua Pitre
& Kevin Spenst

Learning Their Names:
Letters from the Home Place

a reckoning with place, archival humus, and settlerhood

by Jannie Edwards
& Sydney Lancaster

How to Get a Thigh Gap
(with Pictures)

a redaction manifesto against redaction

by Nisha Patel
& Bree Taylor

what we call home

a limited-run 2nd edition

by Terrence Abrahams
& Cleopatria Peterson

Sprawl | the time it took us to forget

a limited-run 2nd edition

by Manahil Bandukwala
& Conyer Clayton

Past Seasons

Seasons 4 & 5 Launch Party
with videopoems from the seasons’ chapbooks

Season 3 Launch Party
with videopoems from the season’s chapbooks

Season 2 Launch Party
with videopoems from the season’s chapbooks

Season 1 Launch Party
with videopoems from the season’s chapbooks

Digital Chapbooks

2×4^2 is our second digital feature of 2-person poetic & cross-art collaborations by Klara du Plessis + Khashayar Mohammadi; Tom Cull + Kerry Manders; Nick Dormand + Mike Ferguson; and Noor Gatih + Victoria Mbabazi.

Is This A Good Time: divination collaborations gathers 6 poems written collaboratively by 11 poets on the theme “future(s)” and features original artwork by Tristan Onek’s AI Aesthete.

2×4^1 is a digital anthology featuring pamphlet-length, 2-person collaborations by Bill Arnott + Mala Rai; Gary Barwin + Michael Orr; Patrick Butler + E Martin Nolan; and Mehraz Karami + Khashayar Mohammadi.

Is It Less Lonely Like This gathers 8 poems written collaboratively by 20 poets during the COVID-19 pandemic, featuring audio & video performances and new paintings from the series (the gangbang) by Angie Quick.

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