Based in Kjipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki (Halifax, Nova Scotia), Collusion Books publishes print & digital chapbooks of collaborative poetry & cross-art collaborations with poetic elements.

Collusion’s revenue & donations defray print costs, support poet & artist compensation, and assist long con‘s Contributor Fund.

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Season 5

Recto, Verso,
Chez the Devil’s Printers

a descent into the 10th circle of palindromic hell

by Joshua Pitre
& Kevin Spenst

Learning Their Names:
Letters from the Home Place

a reckoning with place, archival humus, and settlerhood

by Jannie Edwards
& Sydney Lancaster

How to Get a Thigh Gap
(with Pictures)

a redaction manifesto against redaction

by Nisha Patel
& Bree Taylor

what we call home

a limited-run 2nd edition

by Terrence Abrahams
& Cleopatria Peterson

Sprawl | the time it took us to forget

a limited-run 2nd edition

by Manahil Bandukwala
& Conyer Clayton

Past Seasons

Season 3 Launch Party
with videopoems from the season’s chapbooks

Season 2 Launch Party
with videopoems from the season’s chapbooks

Season 1 Launch Party
with videopoems from the season’s chapbooks

Digital Chapbooks

2×4^2 is our second digital feature of 2-person poetic & cross-art collaborations by Klara du Plessis + Khashayar Mohammadi; Tom Cull + Kerry Manders; Nick Dormand + Mike Ferguson; and Noor Gatih + Victoria Mbabazi.

Is This A Good Time: divination collaborations gathers 6 poems written collaboratively by 11 poets on the theme “future(s).” It features original artwork by Tristan Onek’s AI Aesthete.

2×4^1 is a digital anthology featuring pamphlet-length, 2-person collaborations by Bill Arnott + Mala Rai; Gary Barwin + Michael Orr; Patrick Butler + E Martin Nolan; and Mehraz Karami + Khashayar Mohammadi.

Is It Less Lonely Like This gathers 8 poems written collaboratively by 20 poets during the COVID-19 pandemic. It features audio & video performances and new paintings from the series (the gangbang) by Angie Quick.