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coming May, 2022

a strange-loop of regret
by Simina Banu & Amilcar John Nogueira

vispo self-portraiture
by Gary Barwin & Dona Mayoora

misdiagnosed nirvana
by Roxanna Bennett & Khashayar Mohammadi

the world as toilet
by Joshua Chris Bouchard & Fawn Parker

Season 3

Season 3 Launch Party
November 28
8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific
virtual event featuring videopoetic readings by the season’s 15 poets

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what we call home 
by Terrence Abrahams
& Cleopatria Peterson

Worry & Fuck 
by Dessa Bayrock
& Katie Stobbart

I Found Myself in You 
a found-poetry cycle 
by 10 Canadian poets

Orbital Cultivation 
by Manahil Bandukwala
& Liam Burke

Season 2

all 3 chapbooks + shipping
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Caution Tape
by Yoko’s Dogs

machine dreams
by Liam Burke & Natalie Hanna

Season 2 Launch Party
with videopoems from the season’s chapbooks

Season 1

A Trip to the Zzoo
by MA|DE

Sprawl | the time it took us to forget
by Manahil Bandukwala & Conyer Clayton

slow erosions
by Arlene Ang & Daniela Elza

Season 1 Launch Party
with videopoems from the season’s chapbooks