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Collusion welcomes sequences of collaborative poetry—as well as cross-art collaborations with poetic elements—for digital publication in the occasional anthology series 2×4.

Each submission (6 to 10 poems and/or artworks) must be a unified collaborative project. While individual poems/artworks may be created solo, the project as a whole must be conceived and composed by two actively & equally collaborating artists. This shared 

Publication is digital, with 2×4 editions offered on a pay-what-you-want basis. All reader donations toward an edition of 2×4 are split among that edition’s contributors, and all contributors & donors receive an exclusive ebook adaptation of the digital chapbook.

Submit via the form below by AUGUST 31 to be considered for publication in 2×4^3 (fall, 2021). Submissions received by this date will also be considered for publication in 2×4^4 (spring, 2022). 

General Chapbook Submissions:

Collusion Books always welcomes submissions of chapbook manuscripts of collaborative poetry for print publication. Conceptual, formal, & speculative works are particularly welcome. Collusion has a limited capacity to publish cross-art collaborations that include colour artworks, but we are happy to consider such manuscripts.

Collusion is a design-forward press, and we love collaborating with our authors and artists in the editing process and in exploring design options that compliment or enhance the work. If you intend to submit your chapbook in a pre-designed format, we encourage you to add a note indicating your interesting in collaborating through to the publication stage.

Each manuscript (24 to 40 pages) must be a unified collaborative project. While individual poems or components of the project may be created solo, the manuscript as a whole should be conceived and composed by 2 or more actively & equally contributing authors.

Publication is 75 perfect-bound print copies. Compensation is 20 copies (divided evenly among collaborators) and unlimited access to more copies at cost.

Submit at any time via the form below. The earliest publication slots currently available are for fall, 2022.

Tafseer Chapbook Prize:

Collusion Books invites submissions of chapbook-length manuscripts of poetry translated into English by BIPOC & racialized translators. Priority will be given to projects involving source languages other than Québécois French. Entries will be judged by the editor of Collusion Books’ Tafseer imprint, Khashayar Mohammadi.

Each manuscript must be 24 to 40 pages in length. Manuscripts may draw on more than one source poet and/or more than one source language; however, each manuscript must present a unified aesthetic, thematic, or conceptual project. Manuscripts may be co-translated by two or more collaborators.

The translator(s) must have acquired translation rights for all source poems not in the public domain.

First prize: $500 (Canadian) + chapbook publication (in a first run of 75 copies) and 20 author copies from the first print run.

Submissions closed on December 14, 2021. Please inquire at for details on our next call for Tafseer submissions.

Collusion / Tafseer Submission Form​

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