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Collusion season 2 !


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Twice per year, you’ll receive a NON-MYSTERY BOX (free shipping, of course) containing

  • the newest season of Collusion chapbooks (that’s 3 new titles of the most superlative collaborative poetry);
  • a weird lil’ bookmark capturing the season’s emergent themes (handcrafted by printmaker and long con co-founder Kailee Wakeman);
  • and a special chap-gift (a new-to-you title from Collusion’s backlist, the freshest title from our translation imprint Tafseer, or an excellent chapbook from another Canadian micro-press with a note on why we love it).

Throughout the year, you’ll also receive UNSURPRISE EMAILS containing

  • subscriber-only previews of upcoming print chapbooks
  • and donor-only ebook adaptations of each digital chapbook we publish, such as those in our 2×4 series. For each ebook we send you, we’ll donate $20 on your behalf to compensate its contributing poets & artists.

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What’s an unsurprise email without…


…the second coming of our digital anthology series, featuring pamphlet-length 2-person collaborations.

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