what we call home

by Terrence Abrahams & Cleopatria Peterson
32pp / 8" x 5" / ISBN 978-1-7778149-0-8
First printing: sold out
Second printing: $16

Terrence Abrahams (he/him) is a Libra, poet, and editor. He is the author of three chapbooks, including notes from the garden, published by Baseline Press in 2019. In 2018, he co-founded Old Growth Press with Cleopatria Peterson.

Cleopatria Peterson (they/them) is a Libra, multidisciplinary artist, and the co-founder of Old Growth Press with Terrence Abrahams. Their latest chapbook, Growth in Small Gestures, is available now from The Soap Box Press and their latest comic, New Growth, from Really Easy Press. More of their work is featured in a variety of publications, including Shameless Mag, Acta Victoriana, and the Toronto Comics Anthology.