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long con magazine, long con workshops, and Collusion Books are a unified not-for-profit operation. We are committed to keeping our core magazine free and our contributors compensated, which means we always appreciate a bit of help.

  1. If you value long con magazine and the artists & authors we publish, consider donating to the long con Contributor Fund. Your donation will be pooled with others and with revenue from our workshops until we can pay all contributors in a single issue.

  2. If you value long con, have a taste for poetry, and want a little return on your investment, consider donating to the Collusion Print Fund. Your donation will fund the printing of our next season of collaborative poetry chapbooks. Any profit from Collusion chapbooks goes into the long con Contributor Payment Fund. As thanks, we’ll acknowledge your support in the chapbooks themselves and give you shop credit (in the full amount of your donation) toward any future chapbook purchases.

  3. If you have a taste for poetry and want to support the work of BIPOC and racialized translators and editors, consider donating to the Tafseer Print Fund. Your donation will compensate the editors and fund the printing of upcoming chapbooks in the Tafseer imprint of Collusion Books. Any profit from Tafseer chapbooks stays within the imprint, going toward translator compensation.

  4. If you value any of the above and want to give non-monetary support, consider engaging with and sharing the work of our contributors on social media. You can also look into their other publications, send them notes of appreciation, or write or share reviews of their work. Each of these acts, however small, is a donation of your time and labour, and they each help to legitimize our contributors’ art, our publishing projects, and digital & micro-publication in general.

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