beneath, 2023

Smartphone video (2:24)

Noah Cain

Noah Cain is a multimodal artist and teacher in Winnipeg. His work has appeared in publications across North America.

“In this piece, I am exploring smartphones as tools for artmaking and extensions of consciousness. We are seeing, hearing, remembering, and creating in new ways. I captured the visuals and background audio in this piece by attaching my phone to skate with an old belt. The text you hear is an erasure of various stream-of-consciousness voice memos that I recorded while skating.
     “This work is inspired by the work of Soviet experimental filmmaker Dziga Vertov (particularly his 1929 film Man with a Movie Camera), who was fascinated by the ways the camera would alter human perception and creativity. He understood the camera lens to be his ‘kino-eye,’ an external eye able to capture aspects of the world that were otherwise hidden. The handheld, lightweight nature of the smartphone, with its ability to record audio and video, presents new possibilities for the concept of the kino-eye.”

opaque tape top
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