Four Movements

"Torso 3" (1:50)

"Sea Song" (1:07)

"Without You" (1:15)

"Magpie" (1:41)

Ruth Douthwright,
Niki Carr,
Nicole Coenen,
& Kevin Heslop

Ruth Douthwright (movement) is a dance artist and movement educator who has studied in Canada, Japan, and the UK and created in Belgium, Canada, France, and Mexico. Her ongoing projects include work with Strange Strangers Collective, Kevin O’Connor, and Billy Douthwright.

Niki Carr (movement) is a dancer, movement instructor, and founder of At The Mat.

Nicole Coenen (cinematography & editing) picked up her first video camera when she was 12 years old and has been looking through the viewfinder ever since. In 2017, she started the video production company North Cut Studio, which helps local artists, social enterprises, non-profits, and community initiatives to tell their stories.

Kevin Heslop (direction & production) is a poet and actor from London, Ontario. He is the author of con/tig/u/us (Blasted Tree, 2018), there is no minor violence just as there is no negligible cough during an aria (Frog Hollow, 2019), and the forthcoming full-length collection the correct fury of your why is a mountain (Gordon Hill, 2021).

Poems performed by their authors:

“Torso 3” by Arleen Paré

“Sea Song” by Jenny Berkel

“Without You” by Susan Holbrook

“Magpie” by Catriona Wright