"What's so blank about it?"

Conyer Clayton

Conyer Clayton (she/her) is an Ottawa-based artist and gymnastics coach, originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She has 6 chapbooks, most recently Trust Only the Beasts in the Water (above/ground press, 2019). In 2018, she released a collaborative album with Nathanael Larochette, If the river stood still. She is the winner of Arc‘s 2017 Diana Brebner Prize and The Capilano Review‘s 2019 Robin Blaser Poetry Contest and writes reviews for Canthius. Her debut full-length collection of poetry, We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite, came out May, 2020 with Guernica Editions.

“‘What’s so blank about it?’ responds to / reacts to / jumps off from René Magritte’s 1965 painting The Blank Signature.”

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