15 canadian poems

"The Great Outdoors /
Великие Просторы"

"Transplant /

"Thirty-One Awakenings /
31 Пробуждение"

Jenya Stashkov

Jenya Stashkov (Achinsk, Russian Federation) is a playwright, artist, poet, and performer. He is the founder of the performance troupe VIBRATING BODY, the organizer of the «Neem» Independent International Award for Improper Dramaturgy, and the editor of Антология современной русскоязычной малоформатной драматургии, a non-profit anthology of modern Russian-language small-format drama.

15 canadian poems is a series of English-to-Russian translations — accompanied by interpretive illustrations — of works by contemporary Canadian poets. These three illustrations are after poems by Alice Burdick, Margo Lapierre, and Jason Camlot. The series was curated by Stuart Ross and created with illustration assistance from Elena Stashkova and translation assistance from Irina Grushevskaya, Daria Ovchinnikova, and Kirill Azerny.”