The Bard, 2020

18mm, f/2, ISO 100

The Soldier, 2020

18mm, f/2, ISO 200

Corey J. Isenor

Corey J. Isenor, originally from Enfield, Nova Scotia, now lives in Halifax of the same province. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Mount Allison University in 2010 and held the position of Inventions Library & Archives Coordinator at Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax, NS. He has exhibited throughout Canada, in cities including Toronto (Gallery 44-Proof 20), Moncton (Galerie Sans Nom), Halifax (Eyelevel Gallery), and Saint John (Saint John Arts Centre). He has also been featured in the publications Aint-Bad, OPAL Community, The Periodical Project, Booooooom, iGNANT, C41, Float Magazine, and Lyfstyl. He is the recipient of the 2014 Canadian Society for Civil Engineers Maritime Emerging Artist Award.

“Infrared photography captures light at wavelengths of between 700 and 1,000 nm, impossible to see with the human eye. In a similar way, the subjects of these photographs are meant to signify a person or event but offer very little, if any, real connection to the human history and context of their origins. As black & white infrared images, The Soldier (whose subject is a memorial in the Halifax Public Gardens to Canadian soldiers involved in the South African War) and The Bard (whose subject is a nearby memorial to Scottish poet Robert Burns) represent a relationship between the lifeless figures and the vibrant spaces they inhabit.”