"Bad Hand"

"Dead Cemetery"

Daniel Scott Tysdal

Daniel Scott Tysdal is the ReLit Award-winning author of three books of poetry, the poetry textbook The Writing Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating Poems (OUP), and the TEDx talk, “Everything You Need to Write a Poem (and How It Can Save a Life).” His chapbook, Mad Fold-In Poems, was recently published by Frog Hollow Press. He teaches at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

“These two poems are written in the MAD fold-in poetry form, inspired by one of my childhood heroes: Al Jaffee. His series of illustrated fold-ins comprised the back inside cover of every issue of MAD Magazine. A page-filling image, with a brief caption at the bottom, would be transformed by folding the page to reveal a visual and textual punchline. Borrowing Jaffee’s fold-in technique, the MAD fold-in poem is characterized by three features: (1) the poem does not end at the bottom of the page; (2) the reader completes the poem by making two vertical folds in the page; and (3) these folds reveal the final line of the poem nested within the original lines.”

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