tricot et verre de vin, 2020

elle est là, 2020 ​ ​

torrent de larmes, 2020

touriste de son corps, 2020

Zahra Eddaif

Zahra Eddaif studied graphic design at the national school of La Cambre in Brussels (Belgium). She likes to look at beautiful pictures and change their primary senses.

“My Collages Obsolete series is strongly influenced by Barbara Kruger and her diversion of images of consumption into political messages. After discovering Kruger’s You Are Not Yourself (1981), I was enlightened. It was the trigger for me to question my work. It became clear to me that you could get any message across through collage, if it was done correctly. Like Kruger, I use exclusively magazine pages to denounce or convey a message. My collage titles are usually only a few words long, just enough to allow us to understand the collage globally. Many themes are treated, such as old age, depression, seduction. I have a great desire to decontextualize the magazine image of the sexy woman.”