Reassembled Icon of Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki, 2018

Paper (40cm x 33cm)

Reassembled Michelangelo, Madonna of Bruges, 2021

Paper (25cm x 20cm)

Reassembled Icon of Saint Michael, 2017

Paper (40cm x 33cm)

Eoin O'Dowd

Eoin (/owen/) O’Dowd is an artist from Dublin, Ireland, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Eoin’s work utilizes collage methods with objects and video, both found and authentic. Increasingly, his work has been in collaboration with composers and musicians, utilizing live field recordings and performances across a wide range of media. Eoin’s work has been exhibited internationally and is held in private and public collections.

“The source images of these works, are selected from an aesthetic preference that finds its origin in my childhood memories of devotional imagery. Each hand-cut collage is an image of itself re-imagined. None of the original information has been removed or concealed but merely rearranged. References to concepts such as energy conversion, identity perception, and the metaphysical thought experiment The Ship of Theseus may be found throughout. Though such themes underlie the works’ creation, they are not intended to be read as a didactic polemic but rather to hint at a hidden and entirely subjective narrative.”

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