"Roots Girl"


Wrapped in the roots of the reggae family tree, Jah’Mila is an artist who masterfully interweaves heritage, homage, and history while charting her own course as an emerging artist on the rise. She has toured as supporting vocalist with bands like The Wailers (with Aston “Family Man” Barrett), Groundation, multi-Grammy award winning Black Uhuru (with Sly and Robbie), Marcia Griffiths, Cedric Myton (The Congos), and many more. In June, 2020, she released a solo single—the powerful Black Lives Matter anthem “Chant Their Names”—and in early 2021, the long-awaited follow-up track “Roots Girl.”

“Roots Girl” is a celebration of Jah’Mila’s deep Jamaican culture and the strong matriarchal energies that it comprises. Musically, the track pays homage to Israel Vibration’s “Rude Boy Shufflin” while re-interpreting the song’s central character and iconic theme. The song shifts focus from a male-centric imagery of the inner city mainstay with a worldly ego on his shoulder to that of a “Roots Girl” instead, presenting a narrative of the archetypal “artical” woman who tunes in to the intimate knowledge of herself, connects with her cultural roots, and takes pride in being her authentic self. In this new self-reflective context, the song also comes to terms with how Jamaican culture is presented through popular culture and takes the opportunity to show a different, more relaxed side.

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