Sold out!

slow erosions
by Arlene Ang & Daniela Elza

24pp • 8″ x 5″ • ISBN 978-1-7772244-2-4
Published Nov, 2020


Sold out!

Arlene Ang’s poetry collections include Banned for Life (2014), Seeing Birds in Church Is a Kind of Adieu (2010), and Bundles of Letters Including A, V and Epsilon (2008), co-written with Valerie Fox. Her poems have appeared in Ambit, Caketrain, Diagram, Poet Lore, Rattle, and Salt Hill. She lives in Spinea, Italy.

Daniela Elza’s poetry collections are the book of It (2011), the weight of dew (2012), milk tooth bane bone (2013), and the broken boat (2020). In 2011, she earned her doctorate in Philosophy of Education from Simon Fraser University. Born and raised between three continents, Daniela is used to crossing borders and dwelling in liminal and in-between spaces. To date, she has worked with over thirty collaborators.

“Ang and Elza […] prove that collectivities of language can guide us through the ever-shifting nature of language.”
—Kevin Spenst in subTerrain

“Two poets, two continents, seven years. No wonder words stretch in these poems, as if bridging time zones. […] Condolence letters were once bordered in black, too—a reminder to mourners that “now” is always too late.”
—Bryce Warnes in The Pamphleteer

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