Sold out!

Unbecoming Prophecy
by Roxanna Bennett & Khashayar Mohammadi

32pp • 8″ x 5″ • ISBN 978-1-7778149-6-0
Published June, 2022

An intimate poetic correspondence exploring dark fears and grim hope.


Sold out!

Gratefully residing on Indigenous land, the disabled entity known as Roxanna Bennett is the conduit for the award-winning The Untranslatable I and Unmeaningable (Gordon Hill Press).

Khashayar Mohammadi is a queer, Iranian-born, Toronto-based poet, writer, translator, and photographer. They are the author / translator of the poetry collections Fricatives (co-written with Klara Du Plessis; Palimpsest Press, 2022), WJD / The OceanDweller (Gordon Hill Press, 2022), and Me, You, Then Snow (Gordon Hill Press, 2021) as well as the chapbooks The Divine Bergamot (Anstruther Press, 2021), The OceanDweller (above/ground, 2021), Solitude is an Acrobatic Act (above/ground press, 2020), Dear Kestrel (knife | fork | book, 2019), and Moe’s Skin (ZED Press, 2018).

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