Worry & Fuck
by Dessa Bayrock & Katie Stobbart

36pp • 8″ x 5″ • ISBN 978-1-7778149-1-5
Published November, 2021


In stock

Dessa Bayrock lives in Ottawa with two cats & a variety of succulents, one of which occasionally blooms. She used to unfold paper for a living at Library and Archives Canada and is currently a PhD candidate in English Literature at Carleton University, where she studies literary awards and the production of cultural value. Her poems have appeared in PRISM, Room, Poetry Is Dead, and elsewhere and her work has recently won Arc Poetry Magazine’s Diana Brebner Prize & been shortlisted for the Metatron Prize for Rising Authors. She is the editor of post ghost press. Her previous chapbooks include IS IT ABOUT RUINS AND GHOSTS? (Ghost City Press, 2019) and The Trick to Feeling Safe at Home (with Katie Stobbart; Coven Editions, 2020).

Katie Stobbart lives in New Westminster across from a park. She founded and directed Red Press Society, a Fraser Valley arts organization, and her poems have appeared in Louden Singletree, Raspberry magazine, CV2, and Not Your Best (knife fork book). By day, she organizes many things as a committee clerk; by night, she organizes quests as the spirited DM for a bumbling party of heroes in a long-running D&D campaign. Otherwise, you can find her writing, painting, or tending to her budding apartment jungle. Her previous chapbooks include The Trick to Feeling Safe at Home (with Dessa Bayrock; Coven Editions, 2020).

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