long con magazine is a digital arts & literature quarterly that publishes art about art. While based in Kjipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki (known by settlers as Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), we welcome submissions from established & emerging artists across the world.

Submissions are accepted year-round on a rolling basis, and we regularly publish issues in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

submit by February 28 to be considered for ISSUE 10

our permanent theme

In one sense, long con is a niche magazine, publishing only art about art — by which we mean artworks created in response to other works of art and culture.

In another sense, the long con mandate is very broad: it was founded on the recognition that all artworks exist in conversation with all other artworks, and its purpose is to publish works that bring this long conversation to the surface. For this reason, each artwork we publish is accompanied by an artist statement, which identifies the work(s) of art or culture that the artwork responds to. See our latest issues for examples.


What forms of art can your submission take?

Visual, video, audio, & other (digital, hybrid, etc.) submissions may be already exhibited, performed, released, or otherwise circulated but must be unpublished in any print or digital magazine, anthology, or book. You may submit up to 6 individual artworks or 6 artworks from an artistic sequence or series (such as a photo essay or a concept album).

Literary submissions must be unpublished in print or digitally.  Poetry or prose poetry submissions may be up to 4 pages (for multiple short poems) or up to 8 pages (for a single long poem or sequence). Fiction or script submissions may be up to 10 pages (for multiple short pieces) or up to 15 pages (for a single story or script). Translations are welcome so long as you have already obtained translation rights. We do not publish nonfiction (whether creative essay, review, interview, or otherwise).

...about art"

What forms of art can your submission respond to?

Any artistic or cultural object/performance—from ‘professional’ arts (those usually encountered in galleries & theatres) to crafts, fashion, and popular media (music, movies, comics)—from the civilizational (monuments, architecture, tools) to the ephemeral (advertisements, memes, assembly instructions)—from the propagandistic (military parades, political speeches) to the non-human (paintings by elephants, bird nests, insect dances).

If you’re not sure whether we’d consider it “art,” ask us at longconmag@gmail.com

Submissions can respond to more than one work of art or culture and can, of course, leap from those works into broader explorations artists and art forms. But what we value most are specific encounters with specific works—and the unfolding of those encounters into creative reaction.

the finer details

Contributor payment: We offer CAN$50 for all contributions with the exception of short literary contributions (poetry under 50 lines total or prose under 1000 words total), for which we offer CAN$25. Please note that this compensation is delayed: we are in the process of paying all of our past contributors but will reach out as soon as our payments catch up to the issue in which your work appears.

Collaborative submissions: We encourage collaborative submissions. Be sure to have ready the bios of all collaborators, as well as each collaborator’s artist website and social media handles. In the context of long con, ‘collaboration’ means two or more artists creating a shared response to another work of art or culture. If you are artists creating a series of responses to one another’s artworks, your submission would be a better fit with Collusion Books, our chapbook press for collaborative projects.

Simultaneous submissions: The con is long, but life is short, so submit wherever you want! If you place a submitted piece elsewhere, we likely won’t be able to publish it, so please let us know as soon as possible. Except in the case of an extended submission period, our response time is always under four months.

Past contributors: If we’ve already published your work in long con magazine (this doesn’t include Collusion or Tafseer publications), please wait one year before submitting again. If we’ve published you as a solo artist but you wish to submit a collaborative piece (or vice versa), you may disregard this waiting period.

our commitment to publishing artists of different backgrounds & experiences

While curating each issue, we strive to balance selection of different artistic forms & aesthetics with selection of works by artists with a range of backgrounds & experiences. In recognition of the many historical and immediate barriers to artistic creation and recognition, we prioritize submissions from First Nation, Inuit, Métis, and other Indigenous artists; Black artists, artists of colour, and other racialized artists; Two-Spirit, LGBTQIA+, and other rainbow artists; artists with disabilities or chronic illnesses; and artists with experiences of trauma, incarceration, poverty, or displacement.

You can help us make more informed decisions when curating an issue by identifying any of your backgrounds or experiences that make it more difficult for you to create art or to be recognized for your artistic work. These backgrounds and experiences don’t need to be addressed in your submitted artworks, your artist bio, or your artist statement. If you include them in the “Additional notes for the editors” field of the submission form, we’ll ensure they remain confidential.

long con Submission Form

Step 1 of 2

1. Artist Info

Collaborations: enter names of all collaborators OR name of artist collective.
Collaborations: enter best address for contacting all collaborators.
Write bio in the 3rd person (not using "I"/"we") and include your pronouns ("they"/"she"/"he" or similar).
Collaborations: enter short bios for each collaborator OR description of artist collective with list of members.
Knowing your location will help our editors make each issue international in scope. Your location will not be published (unless it is mentioned in your bio).
Your background and experiences (especially those posing barriers to artistic creation or recognition) will help our editors make more informed decisions when curating an issue. Your additional notes will not be published.
We exist entirely online, so it's very helpful for us to know which social media platforms or websites are helping artists discover us.
Collaborations: enter up to one website for each collaborator OR website of artist collective.
Because long con is a digital publication, our ability to tag contributors in promotional social media posts is crucial to sharing the work in each issue. If you use any of the below platforms to share your artwork or to connect with other artists, please consider entering your profile URL(s) or handle(s) and following @longconmag.

2. Submission

A submission method will appear once you select your primary art form.

3. Artist Statement

For each artwork you submit, you must provide an artist statement that clearly identifies the work(s) of art/culture you are responding to through that artwork. These statements are published alongside accepted artworks.

If the ways in which your work responds are obvious (if your work lifts words, images, or content from a prompting work, for example), then your artist statement may be short, simply identifying the prompting work(s) of art/culture. Your artist statement may need to be longer, identifying the prompting work(s) and also explaining your process of artistic response (describing, for example, in what ways your work is a response). You are also invited to describe your encounter with the prompting work(s), provide historical context for the work(s) or for your response, etc.

You may write a single artist statement to encompass all artworks in a sequence or series, but the statement should indicate whether each artwork in the sequence/series responds to the same prompting work(s) or different prompting work(s).
Write artist statement(s) in 1st person (using "I"/"we").
Include the title and creator of the prompting work(s) of art/culture. If responding to many works, you may include the titles and creators of just a few key or exemplifying works.
We appreciate artist statements under 100 words, but we understand that some statements could, should, or must be longer.

Having trouble with the submission form?
Email us at longconmag@gmail.com