long con workshops offer affordable access to the expertise, guidance, and insights of the established and emerging artists & authors we’ve published in long con magazine.

Workshops are conducted as Zoom meetings — but you don’t need a Zoom account to attend. Those new to the Zoom platform might want an introduction to joining a Zoom meeting

All workshop fees are split 50/50 between workshop instructors and long con. Fees retained by long con go toward our website costs and our Contributor Fund. Our cancellation and refund policy prioritizes instructor compensation.

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Upcoming Workshops

The Art of Feminist Resistance
in Kashmir, Palestine, and Iran
with Sabahat Ali Wani

Feb 25, 2023

Workshop cancellations & refunds

We understand that life circumstances and schedules change. If you need to cancel your registration for a workshop, please email longconmag@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Here’s our easy-to-remember refund policy:

  • 10 days = 100%: If you cancel your registration with at least 10 days’ notice (from when the first session of the workshop begins), we’ll immediately refund your entire workshop fee. This notice gives us time to fill the vacancy.
  • 5 days = 50%: If you cancel your registration with at least 5 days’ notice (from when the first session of the workshop begins), we’ll immediately refund the long con portion (usually 50%) of your workshop fee. We’ll retain the instructor’s portion of the fee (usually 50%) to ensure they receive the compensation they’ve been counting on—but if we can fill the vacancy before the workshop begins, we’ll then refund you the remainder of the fee.
  • If you need to cancel your registration last-minute (with less than 5 days’ notice), we’ll do our best to fill the vacancy, which would enable us to refund your entire fee. (In this situation, it’s a win-win-win if you can connect us with a friend who’d like your spot!)
If long con or the workshop instructor needs to cancel or reschedule an entire workshop, for any reason, we’ll offer you a full refund.
Past Workshops

Talking to Yourself
with Jessica Purdy

January, 2023

Exploring Voice
and Perspective in Poetry
with Annick MacAskill

June, 2022

I want to be bad:
dream painting
with Angie Quick

April, 2022

Intro to Bookbinding,
Artist Books, & Zines
with Ayshe-Mira Yashin

March, 2022

The Sonnet as Daybook:
How to Use Form to Enhance Your Writing Practice
with John Barton

January, 2022

The Constraints of this Room:
The Poetics of Escape
with Joshua Wilkerson

June, 2021

Learning to Look:
Exploring Ekphrasis
with Margaryta Golovchenko

May, 2021
registration closed

Reading Like a Writer /
Writing Like a Reader
with Ian Roy

April, 2021
registration closed

Falling in Love
with Angie Quick

February, 2021
registration closed

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