Writing Apocalyptic Fiction
with Christopher Malpas

starting January 15, 2023

This workshop will introduce participants to the origins of apocalyptic fiction, explore how depictions of the apocalypse have shifted throughout history, and explain how the way the world ends in an apocalypse narrative is essential to its story—be that a zombie outbreak or a nuclear winter.

Almost every apocalypse story walks the line between hope and despair, and  participants will identify how this manifests in key examples and learn how to balance contrasting tones in their own writing. Once this is achieved, popular tropes will be examined, with a focus on the macabre. Within the oversaturated apocalyptic genre, participants will consider unique ways to contribute to the landscape and will learn how to make socially-engaged apocalyptic narratives timeless.

The aim of this workshop is to provide context to the contemporary genre of apocalypse and to give participants the confidence to start or develop their own apocalypse narratives. The first session will focus on history, theory, and provide a space for discussion. The second and third sessions will focus on specific themes and challenges within the genre and give participants time to write and share their work.

  • Week One: Choosing The Right Apocalypse
  • Week Two: Balancing Tone—Hope Versus Despair
  • Week Three: Making Apocalyptic Stories Timeless
Three-week workshop:
  • Sunday, January 15 (11am–12pm EST [Toronto] / 4pm–5pm GMT [London])
  • Sunday, January 22 (11am–12pm EST [Toronto] / 4pm–5pm GMT [London])
  • Sunday, January 29 (11am–12pm EST [Toronto] / 4pm–5pm GMT [London])

Seats available: 15

Workshop fee: $45 Canadian

Christopher Malpas is an emerging writer based in Liverpool, UK. In 2020, he completed a BA in English Literature at the University of Leeds. He has been published in long con magazine and is awaiting publication in upcoming anthologies from Little Lion Press and Writing On The Wall. He has also written articles for Screen Rant and Liverpool Confidentials.

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