Character Creation and Design

(with Kat Jones)

May 30, 2021

This workshop is for fiction writers and artists of all levels, from those who are making characters for story-driven Dungeons and Dragons campaigns or for theatre performances to those designing a character for their novel. The workshop will begin with an interactive presentation that approaches character creation from the angle of academic research and discusses common debates on how to approach making characters, such as representing experiences that are not your own and how to embody your characters in order to better understand them. This will lead the group into collective discussion, culminating in an opportunity for attendants to share and develop their own characters.

This workshop is for you if you’ve ever thought, “I’m not much of an artist. How can I use my own skills to develop characters?” or “I just don’t understand step-by-step frameworks for making characters. How can I approach the process differently?”

One-week workshop:

  • Sunday, May 30 (1pm–4pm EST/UTC-5)

Required preparation: Attendees should bring to the workshop an idea for a character, whether a rough sketch or a fairly developed design they want to tweak or ask for advice on. Also welcome are questions about or problems with character design.

Suggested skill level: beginner and up

Seats available: 12

Workshop fee: CAN$30

Kat Jones is a writer, visual artist, theatre maker and Film Studies graduate student currently based at Concordia University in Montreal. Last year, she published her short story “Red Light” in long con as well as presented her research on uncanny sound in animation at University of King’s College’s conference of the contemporary. Prior to her graduate work, she produced and designed multiple theatre productions for the King’s Theatrical Society and Atlantic Fringe. She has been writing and designing characters for more than eight years. During the pandemic, her interests shifted to character design for games that can be played long-distance, such as Dungeons and Dragons, in which the focus is on character creation for the collaborative purposes of live role play.