Falling in Love

(with Angie Quick)

February, 2021

Making art — engaging with the creative act — is a process of constantly falling in love. Join painter, poet, and performer Angie Quick for five lessons in love-falling, each centering catharsis and the construction of love letters to the cosmos.

  1. Letters: engaging works by Emily Dickinson, Tracey Emin, Louise Bourgeois, Anne Carson, Cy Twombly, and more.
  2. Rituals/tributes/offerings/altars/ephemera: gathering concrete inspiration from immediate surroundings.
  3. Testaments/citations/lists: creating small works on paper that play with erasure, censoring, and bleeding.
  4. Portrait & nuance: self-portraiture, desire portraits, and scribbling / dance.
  5. Voyeurism/mindfulness: drawing love stories, love notes, and windows of desire.

Five-week workshop:

  • Sunday, Feb 14 (7pm–8pm EST/UTC-5)
  • Sunday, Feb 21 (7pm–8pm EST/UTC-5)
  • Sunday, Feb 28 (7pm–8pm EST/UTC-5)
  • Sunday, March 7 (7pm–8pm EST/UTC-5)
  • Sunday, March 14 (7pm–8pm EST/UTC-5)

Required supplies: pen; pencil; paper; eraser

Suggested skill level: beginner and up

Spots available: 15

Workshop fee: CAN$100/household      (Perfect for sharing with a quarantine pal!)

Angie Quick (b. 1989) is a self-taught painter and poet working in London, Ontario, who is known for her large oil paintings exploring flesh in a manner both historical and contemporary. Her practice experiments with the nature of language and sensation in visual and performative contexts. She is the recipient of multiple grants, including an emerging artist grant from the Ontario Arts Council. Her work is also included in several private collections.

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