I want to be bad: dream painting with Angie Quick

starts April 6, 2022

Every time I paint it is like I am painting for the first time. Be instructed by the uninstructed.

This workshop will focus both on technical information and on exploring the freedom of painting and embracing your style—all while utilizing your dreams as the inspiration for and beginning of the painting process.

Each lesson encompasses a mini-lecture and a practical exercise. Lessons 4 & 5 focus on bringing a dream into fruition in painting.

  • Lesson 1: inspiration+materials (art history + discussion of sketchbooks & materials)
  • Lesson 2: drawing (history of drawing + drawing in paint + dream drawing exercise)
  • Lesson 3: colour theory+mixing (history of colour mixing + developing a palette + colour mixing exercise)
  • Lesson 4: painting (history of painting + painting and looking + dream painting exercise)
  • Lesson 5: painting (making paint move + painting and dancing + dream painting exercise)

Five-week workshop:

  • Wednesday, April 6 (7pm–8pm Toronto/EST)
  • Wednesday, April 13 (7pm–8pm Toronto/EST)
  • Wednesday, April 20 (7pm–8pm Toronto/EST)
  • Wednesday, April 27 (7pm–8pm Toronto/EST)
  • Wednesday, May 4 (7pm–8pm Toronto/EST)

Required supplies:

  • For first lesson: notebook/sketchbook; drawing utensils (pencils, pens, and/or others).
  • For subsequent lessons (will be discussed during first lesson): canvas; paint; paint brushes; booklet of cheap watercolour paper; palette (or reused container lid); cup or jar (for water/painting medium).

Suggested experience level: beginner to intermediate visual artists

Seats available: 15

Workshop fee: CAN$100 per household

Angie Quick (b. 1989) is a self-taught painter and poet working in London, Ontario, who is known for her large oil paintings exploring flesh in a manner both historical and contemporary. Her practice experiments with the nature of language and sensation in visual and performative contexts. She is the recipient of multiple grants, including an emerging artist grant from the Ontario Arts Council. Her work is also included in several private collections.