Intro to Bookbinding, Artist Books, & Zines

(with Ayshe-Mira Yashin)

Starts March 13, 2022

This three-week workshop is a perfect introduction to the art of expressing oneself through handmade books. The sessions will offer in-depth guidance and tutorials whilst also giving participants the freedom to apply their own artistic styles.

The first session will involve the creation of mini zines using a variety of simple zine-making methods. We will create 6-page zines and 8-page zines using simple folding methods, and also utilise simple binding techniques. We will also discuss the historical background of zines in the Riot Grrrl feminist movement, as well as the current cultural significance of zines within queer and feminist spaces.

During the second session, we will explore different types of bookbinding, including saddle stitch bookbinding, coptic binding (also known as kettle-stitch), and Japanese stab binding. By learning these simple yet effective bookbinding techniques, you can begin making your own notebooks and sketchbooks, using a paper type of your preference and your favourite colours.

The third session will utilise the sketchbook(s) from the previous session to create artist books—sketchbooks that are works of art in themselves. They can tell stories which are narrative (whilst also visual), or they can be archives of connected works or even manifestos.

Three-week workshop:

  • Sunday, March 13
  • Sunday, March 20
  • Sunday, March 27

Each session runs 12pm–1:30pm Toronto / 1pm–2:30pm Halifax / 4pm5:30pm London

Required supplies:

  • A4 paper, scissors, ruler, pencil, and a bookbinding kit (including bone folder, waxed binding thread, binding needle, & awl).
    • Bookbinding kits can be found at your local independent craft store, art supplies store, or paper supplies store. If pandemic conditions prevent in-person shopping, suitable kits can be ordered online.
    • A plastic ruler, regular thread, a small needle, and a large needle can substitute for a bookbinding kit.
  • Additional optional supplies: colourful paper; origami paper; card stock; paint and brushes; coloured pencils; crayons; pens; printed photographs and glue.

Suggested experience level: beginner to intermediate bookmakers

Seats available: 15

Workshop fee: CAN$60 per household

Ayshe-Mira Yashin (she/her) is an 18-year-old lesbian artist from Istanbul and Nicosia, studying art at Camberwell College of Art in London, UK. She makes political and spiritual art, exploring themes such as witchcraft, feminism, and sapphic love and intimacy. She runs a small business where she sells her tarot deck, as well as handmade notebooks, art prints, stickers, and more.

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