Don't Just Sit There, 2018

Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 78" x 42"

Man Down, 2019

Watercolour, gouache, & acrylic on frosted mylar, 46" x 55"

Kirk Brandt

Kirk Brandt has a bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan. He works in painting, drawing, and printmaking to create works that are atmospheric, moody, colourful, full of movement, and sarcastic. Kirk is inspired by digital technology, popular culture, and early photography of movement. His works are part of several private collections.

Don’t Just Sit There is in conversation with Mary Cassatt’s Little Girl in a Blue Armchair. The figure’s imminent dissipation into its surroundings represents a temporary retreat into thought, an escape from whatever is affecting us in reality, but ultimately a moving on. Like Cassatt’s painting, there’s a tension between being held in place and craving action.”

Man Down is inspired by Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, specifically the voyage to Lilliput. There are no little men present, but the figure is held in place by his thoughts. All he has to do to escape is simply get up.”