Quiet Parade

Quiet Parade are stewards of fog rock — a style that weaves between power-pop dusted spirit, indie folk-tinged timbres, and words that go straight for the heart. Nestled in the mist, winding guitar lines and reverberating pianos echo, while enduring choruses and punchy low end provide steady anchor. After a decade of cultivating a dedicated following, as the outfit is at its most concise, prolific, and primed, their newest music returns Quiet Parade to their humble beginnings: their latest LP, The Will To Weather The Storm, crafts arrangements around pop-rock structures, tackles tempos with heightened gusto, and harnesses the energy of collaborative songwriting.

“‘Sévérine’ is a reflection on the novel Severine by Cassie Deveaux Cohoon. A multi-generational story of Acadian women in Nova Scotia, this historical fiction retraces and re-tells the history of the main character’s great, great grandmother, La Grande Sévérine. Following her from pre-British arrival in Annapolis Royal, to the expulsion of the Acadians in 1755, through to her ultimate survival in exile, Severine chronicles the pain and trauma of an Acadian family. Our song recreates a section of the novel that finds Sévérine and her family living in exile on a desolate island near St. Pierre et Miquelon. It is a brutal existence. Sévérine’s husband dies; her daughter-in-law dies during childbirth, followed soon after by the baby; her sister drowns. Each burial is heartbreakingly rudimentary. On an island made of rock, Sévérine digs shallow graves and places crude markers. She embodies not only the incredible suffering of the Acadian people but also, in her will to weather the storm, their unbelievable resilience.”