"my own disaster"

brandy ryan

brandy ryan (she/her) is a cis-femme meandering poet who loves to collaborate and blur genres and forms. she has published two chapbooks — full slip (Baseline Press, 2013) and After Pulse (co-written with Kerry Manders; kfb, 2019) — as well as pieces in CV2, Windsor Review, MediaTropes, and elsewhere. with Kerry Manders, she curates and hosts an inter-disciplinary art series called The Thing About…. they are also currently working on a photo-poetic collaboration called “Queering Domesticity / Domesticating the Queer.”

“‘my own disaster’ is a poetic engagement with one of my favourite painters, a French artist with a background in fashion who turned to art as a response to fashion’s engrained misogyny. Virginie Bocaert’s painting Lurex Light caught my eye in an issue of a local art magazine almost a decade ago. the image stayed with me, and a week later i went to Lisa Robertson’s launch of Magenta Soul Whip. at her launch, she gave out lime green poster cards that read, ‘My fidelity is my own disaster,’ in an embossed silver type. these two visual pieces — Bocaert’s painting and Robertson’s embossed type paratext — are now twinned in my memory and creative imagination. this poem came from that space.”

(a fidelity encounter with Lisa Robertson and Virginie Bocaert)