"Twenty Thirteen"

Brendan MaGee

Brendan MaGee is the songwriter of Brookside Mall.

“Brookside Mall’s ‘Twenty Thirteen’ is a response to ‘Benediction,’ from the 2003 Weakerthans album, Reconstruction Site. Specifically, it was written as I tried to access John K. Samson’s pep talk to the defeated, when the overstimulating holiday season caused me to write that my ‘internal dialogue reads like an autoimmune disease.’ Because I struggled to find my own benediction at that moment, ‘Twenty Thirteen’ places Samson’s wisdom behind a partition, with a happier version of myself and an intact version of the Weakerthans, in the year 2013. We need the Weakerthans’ empathy now more than ever in this unabridged hellscape. And while pining for the past isn’t terribly constructive, to quote a separate JKS lyric, I too often find myself ‘in the stick-count for the song of knowing that [they’re] gone.'”

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