Enamored With My Jungle Dreams, 2020

Gouache on paper, 40" x 52"

Odd Days, We Were Doing Well, 2019

Gouache on paper, 30.25" x 22.5"

Hannah Zimmerman

Hannah Zimmerman is an artist and educator based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She recently completed her MFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. She earned her BFA in Studio Art and BS in Art Education from Miami University and was a Yeck College Artist Fellow at the Dayton Art Institute in Ohio. Zimmerman’s interdisciplinary practice uses quiet interior spaces as a documentation of time and as a way to explore identity through introspection.

“Blurring the line between expectation and reality, Enamored With My Jungle Dreams brings together multiple spaces and moments of time. Each image that is layered into the space references another of my artworks and another aspect of my interdisciplinary practice. Something, Something, Who Culls Your Secrets?, a small soft sculpture, stretches across the bottom of a wooden board in the background. Clipped directly above this, Madewell and Moldy Flowers on the Kitchen Table  hang side-by-side and peek out through the foliage. These artworks, and a few components of a soft sculpture in-progress scattered about, allow the viewer to wander through Enamored With My Jungle Dreams as a whole and create their own perceptual and narrative connections.”

Odd Days, We Were Doing Well plays with ambiguous notions of space, highlighting the ephemerality of existence and the subjective possibilities of time. Early Side of Twenty-Six, my framed painting of a desk in the middle of the composition that depicts a moment already gone by, challenges the lively existence of the three potted plants in the foreground. Caught in multiple moments of anticipation, the objects crowding the center of the painting vie for attention and a sense of permanence that can only be achieved through Odd Days, We Were Doing Well, this final painted representation.”