"New Age Faces"

videography by Jeff Miller, choreography by Jerry Burchill, and dance by Laura Flemming, Ray Laing, & Zomi Tombing with music by Gabrielle Papillon

Gabrielle Papillon

Gabrielle Papillon (she/her) is a musician based in Halifax, NS. Her latest release, Shout, sees the acclaimed songwriter engaging with the art form in a new way. Taking a step back from the way she has made albums in the past, Gabrielle Papillon embraced the spirit of collaboration for Shout. Helming the project as the executive producer, each track came together as the result of working with songwriters, producers, and engineers from all over the world.

“I’d wanted to make a choreographed dance video for ages. It was my first love and my first heartbreak, and dance is such a simple and beautiful way of conveying a message because you can be both vulnerable and powerful. You can be an individual or part of a uniform group. I loved the idea of having a group of dancers moving together, as though they were uniform, and then have those same dancers suddenly change in front of you, both in breaking off and dancing in whatever way they were moved to dance and in their appearance. With this video, I wanted to convey the message of my song ‘New Age Faces,’ which is that people do not fit neatly into boxes — and the assumptions we make based on appearance are so frequently insufficient, if not altogether wrong.”