"Yellow Paint"


Introducing Halifax’s premiere dyslexic, non-binary musician. Burry (she/they) blends elements of indie, rock, and pop together to create a flavour of captivating music with an unforgettable and energetic stage presence. Burry strives to show their authenticity and originality through their musical style and well-crafted lyricism. Burry is an LGBTQ2A+ artist who has dealt with subjects such as mental health and being an openly queer person in the music industry. They strive to use their platform to amplify voices of marginalized communities.

“Yellow features so prominently in a lot of Vincent van Gogh’s most recognizable work, especially Vase with Twelve Sunflowers (1888), Cafe Terrace at Night (1888), and The Sower (1888). The title of my song references van Gogh’s desire to use and eat yellow paint, which he thought was a happy colour and thus might make him happy on the inside. The struggles that come with being a queer person in the music industry, or a member of a marginalized community, and having your dreams doubted by the people around you are the experiences that inspired me to write this song. Van Gogh worked hard to be a successful artist while fighting mental illness, addiction, and the doubts of the people around him. It wasn’t until long after he died that his artwork was appreciated by others, and in a way I think that is beautifully sad and relatable for a lot of artists and musicians.”