Archivo Molar, 2020

Digital intervention

Mülen - Tuwün, 2020

Clay, metal, bones, 18cm x 9cm

Trufkenkëlewen, 2020

Experimental video

Luisa Barrera Queupumil

Luisa Barrera Queupumil is an emerging visual artist currently based in Valparaíso, Chile, and raised in the Araucanía Region, better known as Wallmapu, where two different cultures converge. Emerging from these environments is her deep sense of belonging and a hybrid personality, along with an artistic work that dialogues between ancestral and contemporary practices. She has participated in the art exhibitions SJE Virtual “Visual Stories” (Sala Juan Egenau, Chile, 2021) and ONE DAY: Have you seen the future? (Austria, 2021) and was selected for residencies with Archaeology of Gesture (2020) and AADK Spain (2021).

“These three works are directly related to a polished brown symmetrical jar with majolica incrustation, called ‘Metawe,’ that was found in the Mapuche archaeological cemetery Gorbea-3, excavated between 1969 and 1973 (inventory nº 2326.213 at the Museo Regional Araucanía). This ancient ceramic piece contains social, ritual, and aesthetic meanings relevant to the territory. The majolica is arranged in a way both natural and autonomous by the potters, hybridizing local and foreign elements. Of hybridization, anthropologist Linda Tuhiwai writes, ‘I move within them; in a way, I was born in one and educated in the other. I transit between both worlds every day. It can be a complicated, challenging, and interesting space.'”

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