"Ambient Architect"

Nick Schofield

Nick Schofield is a musician, producer, and radio host. He is an engaged, community-oriented collaborator working with artists on stages and in studios across Canada. As a solo musician, Nick presents ‘environmental music’ for synthesizer and field recordings. His calming compositions beckon for tranquility and release, offering softness and simplicity. His latest album, Glass Gallery, imparts a series of effortless yet interconnected moods based around the signature palette of the Prophet-600 synth. Drawing inspiration from the light and space of Ottawa’s National Gallery, the album explores new age, ambient, and environmental tendencies with a welcoming immediacy.

Glass Gallery is my attempt to translate inspirational paintings into music. When visiting the National Gallery of Canada, I often interpret painterly gestures, shapes, and forms as ways to approach composition. ‘Ambient Architect’ in particular is lifting from a Paul Klee painting (Theater-Mountain-Construction, 1920), which features a combination of abstract architectural form overlaid on a cloud of soft colours. If you listen closely, I hope the reverence I have for these paintings comes through the music.”
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