Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide

Track 4: "Awkward Mating Ritual"

Track 3: "Anger Management Issues"

Indigo Poirier

Indigo Poirier (she/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily within the field of electronic music. Their solo project, Wangled Teb, has performed at Sled Island, POP Montreal, Third Shift, and Festival 506. They were named MusicNB’s 2019 Innovator of the Year and MusicNB’s 2018 Electronic Artist of the Year. Their fifth album, Seasonal Depression, was released in March, 2019, and has charted nationally on campus community radio. Indigo also performs in electronic improv trio Terre Wa alongside cellist Emily Kennedy and synthesist Erin Goodine.

“These two pieces are from a 2016 album constructed almost entirely of samples from the soundtracks to Earthbound (Super Nintendo) and Mother 3 (Game Boy Advance), two video games that I grew up with and that occupy a very special place in my heart. After my first album took the better part of a year to make, I finished this album within a couple weeks. Strangely, it has taken on more meaning for me over time, and I now consider these tracks some of my most personal work — ironic, as it’s mostly samples of existing material. It makes me think about nostalgia, about how media and art we consume become part of us and our memories, and about how those memories form connective threads, such that hearing a snippet of music from our childhood can instantly bring us back to that time & place.”